The First Sex Toy for Trans Men

Over the last decade the sex toy industry gain more mainstream acceptance, thereby growing into a $15 billion market segment, with the expectation to surpass the $50 billion by 2020. Unfortunately this market fails to provide for gender-transitioning men, therefore trans activist and entrepreneur Buck Angel has created a sex toy designed specifically for the female-to-male (FTM) trans community.

The so-called Buck Off is a masturbation aid made for people who have transitioned or are currently transitioning. The shape of the toy is designed to be more comfortable for those experiencing the effects of testosterone as part of their transition, including the enlarging of their genitals. While the Buck Off resembles other masturbation sleeves in its basic design, this model is shorter and wider than other sleeves and can create suction. This allows the overcoming of gender dysphoria, which might arise in using other toys.

The device, which is distributed by male sex toy manufacturer Perfect Fit presents a radical entry into the sex toy industry, broadening the horizons beyond strap-ons and slings. Made from Perfect Fit’s ultra-soft SilaSkin™ the Buck-off is said to be “so pleasurable to touch it is addictive.” Steve Callow, Perfect Fit CEO responded, “Our philosophy has always been to make products to enhance the sexual experience, and Buck believes this toy will help transmen explore their bodies and be more confident in their sexuality. That’s all we needed to hear, and we are proud to be associated with Buck on this project.”

Angel believes that his product can help validate trans male identities, and has high hopes for his tool becoming an educational aid to help trans men connect with their bodies. The Buck Off has only been available for purchase for two weeks, but satisfied customers are already voicing their gratitude.

Source: Vice

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