RE: How do I configure virtual boyfriend 2.4.1?

Dear Desperate,

Thank you for your mail. It is helpful to hear about experiences and inefficiencies in regards to our service.

The Virtual Boyfriend Complete Pack 2.4.1 includes the original Virtual Boyfriend Platinum Edition and its steamy sequel, Virtual Boyfriend: Holiday Star. Added to the pack are Basic Pleasure Model GPLv2, Integrated Speech SDK 5.1 and BoyfriendBlocker.

When running BoyfriendTrainer, please note that due to inefficient memory, you might need to install additional software to improve system performance. The speed of I/O that depends on secondary storage management is critical to the speed of many programs. Therefore, make sure to uncheck ‘CONSIDER ACTUALS’ in table T511K (Maintenance V_T511K) to have the program run at ease.

Once this installation is complete, you will be able to manage your SETTINGS and make use of add-ons and upgrades from the BoyfriendCollection. To unlock its full potential, we highly recommend you to review our PostBody 2.3.2 upgrade to enable intimacy.

In addition to the exchange of interiority, it is possible to model your Boyfriend’s appearance by downloading Skins GX4 (be advised, however, that earlier versions of Basic Pleasure Model GPLv1 do not support this feature). In the CAT.log of the BoyfriendCollection, you find an alphabetically categorized selection of BoySkins that are versatile to your needs. In SETTINGS, you may calibrate your Virtual Boyfriend by assigning experience points (Exp.) to ASSETS. Whilst formatting, add the keys to the ASS.log.

If any errors occur during the process, you may want to consult the SOFT RESET (SRing) option. This trait can also be used when adjusting your Boyfriend during use. Note that an overmatch of SRings will cause your Boyfriend severe trauma, so make sure to use this option only in accordance with our policy. In order to prevent errors, we implemented a contraceptive clock that is subject to defragmentation.

Lastly, by making use of the PE 2.4.1 model, you commit to our terms and conditions; any form of mistreatment will not go undermined. Virtual Boyfriend maintains a data.log that responds to flow sensor and has an RGB indicator light added to it. It automatically sends updates to our server and hosts API for logging time.

In summary, Virtual Boyfriend PE 2.4.1 is easy in use, though there is a lightweight foundation to keep in mind. It is of upmost importance to us that both of you are happy, and as in any relationship, this takes time. We certainly hope you and your Boyfriend spend this time wonderfully together.


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This story is part of the Epistolary Contraint series and was originally published in Speculating Systems, the annual reader from the Sandberg Instituut.

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