This Algorithm Increases Your Matches

Remember the Twitterbot that used an algorithm to rate your selfies? Not such a bad idea after all, according to Tinder. The company has just unveiled their latest feature update, Smart Photos, a new algorithm that maximizes your match potential by means of A/B testing. Not only does the algorithm takes into account overall popularity of your photos, it also accounts for the swiping patterns of people looking at your profile.

Smart Photos is yet another feature to the data-driven approach to romance. However, the app has gone one step further in turning its users into human guinea pigs whose every swipe is catalogued and carefully tracked. As the algorithm alternates the first photo seen by others, the new feature mines each response as others swipe on you and re-orders the photos for better results. According to the company, in testing, users saw up to a 12% increase in matches.

The feature launched worldwide on Thursday, but isn’t widely available yet. Once the algorithm is ready for use, users will be able to select a toggle in their profile settings that enables the feature and implements the algorithm. Earlier this month, Tinder launched another new feature for people wanting to maximize their matches and minimize time spent swiping. The premium feature lifts your profile with a 30-minute boost, and is said to increase your chances of being seen by potential matches.

While Smart Photos might earn you more matches, Tinder also happens to be a big data company with over 100 million downloads. For the moment, this data is solely being used to help improve your love life, but who knows what the future will bring.

Source: TechCrunch

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