Wake Up with an Orgasm

If an orgasm won’t get you up in the morning, nothing will. This is the basic premise of the Little Rooster S, the vibrator-alarm clock hybrid for women that takes intimate technology to a whole new level. Never before was snoozing that much fun.

The original Little Rooster was first introduced in 2011, but ran out of stock after garnering a great amount of media attention. Therefore the company behind the contraption is back with an updated model that is currently available for pre-order. Priced at £69.00, “You wake slowly. Sensually. Pleasurably.” The small plastic device is to be worn inside the underwear, but outside the body. The user can adjust the alarm clock by choosing for 30 “snorgasm” power levels –of which 27 are silent– for precision pleasure. The device will begin to vibrate at the specified time, and gradually increases to the user’s selected level of intensity. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

The everyday vibrator-alarm isn’t for solely morning purposes. “I wore it during romantic dinners, set to go off during dessert as we sat watching the sun set over the beach,” one customer said. “I think the waiters must have thought I hadn’t had a creme brûlée in months!” Moreover, sex trainer Charlotte Rose says she believes this could help women suffering from certain sexual issues. “This looks like a great little device for women who may be suffering from low libido due to natural events such as menopause.”

A similar device for both men and women was introduced in 2015, called the Dream Rooster, but after an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign, the erotic dream simulator never came about.

Source: Daily Mail

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