Driven by Erotic E-Books

There is a new smart sex toy in town, or should we say intelligent? The Vibease is the self-proclaimed “first wearable smart vibrator” that syncs with steamy literature and can be operated via an app. Finally you can enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey the way it was truly intended.

The company currently offers over 500 erotic audiobooks that automatically sync with the teledildonic. Besides that, Vibease allows anyone to publish their erotic fiction to their internal marketplace. Some of the most popular titles include ‘Fifty Shades of Gael’, ‘The Lingerie Store’ and ‘Pounded’, with more then 10.000 downloads each.

Vibease describes the device as “an immersive pleasure experience” as it stimulates not only your body but also your mind. As you listen, the device is synced with the audio and pulses at the key moments in the story. “Imagine listening to Fifty Shades of Grey, when the voice says ‘I’m touching you softly,’ it vibrates softly and when the voice says ‘I’m touching you hard’, it vibrates hard. Like in the real intimacy, the user will experience surprises and anticipation.” It’s the complete non-boyfriend experience.

Since the device is remotely controlled, it also lets you record your partner’s voice and customize vibration levels accordingly. It even offers of the option of video calls within the app, so each partner can see the other’s face during playtime. Sexting just got a whole lot realer.

Source: Daily Mail


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