Post-Trump Cuddling on Craigslist

Hole for trump tops (Center City)

So I’m totally blindsided by the election results, kinds of feel like I got royally fucked so decided to look for trump supporters to fuck my tight smug ass to use to their pleasure. Any of his supporters interested in pounding a skeptic? Open to being tagged. Prefer guys closer in age. 5’9 17- ddf/hiv-Looking as long as this is up

I voted for Hillary. I need a big, redneck Trump winner to punish me. –m4m (Puyallup)

Hi all you Big, Bad, dominant, aggressive Trump guys. I voted for girlie Hillary and now is the time I need to be punished. I am wearing big, high waister panties right now (just like her) and I need one of you big masculine “winners to force me to take them off in front of you. I am sure you will order me assume a feminine sexual position, where you will go about the business of making me pay for my foolish, female mistake… I will tell you as you are doing me that I am a dumb bitch and I will never do anything like that again..I will always vote with the strong, smart men.

I suck straight dick like a champ,Uncut Ok, Trump supporters welcome! (hosting in Monmouth)

Straight guys love getting their dick sucked, and I’m a good looking gay white guy who happens to love sucking dick and can deepthroat. Looking for a straight or married guy who is seeking a regular no strings cocksucker to service him. I’m clean, sane, good looking, and white. Please send age and stats if interested. If this is up I’m still looking.

And no, I’m NOT looking for you to suck me too. If that’s what you’re looking for, move on.


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