Smart Bra Unlocks for True Love

Meet True Love Tester, a high-tech piece of concept underwear that exclusively opens when the wearer is in love. The wearable detects ‘true love’ by receiving heart rate information to analyze via Bluetooth and sends this to a smartphone app. The app then calculates the “True Love Rate” based on changes in the heart rate over time.

The smart bra was developed by Japanese lingerie brand Ravijour as part of a campaign to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. The designers point out that the type of excitement a woman feels when she’s in love is distinguishable from other types of excitement. “When we fall in love, we experience an instant boost in excitement,” says the company’s in-house Human Sexuality Specialist in the promotional video.

In 2013, Microsoft researchers developed a similar prototype with sensors that could monitor a woman’s emotional state to combat overeating. The sensors were able to signal the wearer’s smartphone, which then flash a warning message to help her step away from the fridge and make better diet decisions. However, the company said it had no plans to make the bra into a commercial product.

As tech companies creep deeper into our homes, their eyes ever more on our bedrooms, we can no doubt look forward to bed sheets that post our performance to Facebook and condoms that send a celebratory climactic tweet. Or maybe they’ll burst open too, when they can tell that you really want to have kids.

Source: Popular Science


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